Eleonora Joensuu

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ibby for close to three years. Those three years have brought immense challenges, sweat, pain, setbacks, triumphs, and many swear words! Ibby has been through it all with unwavering energy, support, and enthusiasm. He represents what anyone would want in a personal trainer – knowledge, truly infectious energy and drive, and the ability to motivate and push you to do things you never imagined you could. Starting bootcamps with Ibby is a decision I have never regretted as they were a central part of changing my life and contribute to my overall happiness in a big way!”


Christina Testani

“I started training with New Edge Fitness 3+ years ago following an mva injury. This review alone cannot express my gratitude for all the changes I’ve seen since we began our training. Through personal training and bootcamp sessions, my health (physical and mental), fitness level, and self-confidence are just a few of the areas where I’ve seen drastic changes and I know will continue to evolve as we progress. I use ‘we’ because Ibby shows up every day ready to push my boundaries, committed to making me stronger and consistently offering support. The truth is the workouts are tough, exhausting and demanding; however they are also satisfying, addictive and transformative. If you’re open to change, challenging yourself, setting and meeting goals – New Edge Fitness is for you.”

Farwan Zubedi

“My man Ibby, not only is he a brother and friend, I can say that the vision he has for strength and conditioning will usher a new type of athlete that will raise the bar of all competitive sports and completion for this generation and the ones to come. NEW EDGE FITNESS, all day everyday!”

Margot Pearl

“I’ve know Ibby for 5 years. I first met him when I wanted to become a fitter athlete and he got me into the best shape of my life, lifting ridiculous amounts of weight on my 5’3″ frame! People even double-taked when then they got on to the leg press after me and had to lower the weights. Three years ago I became I injured when I moved abroad, but since moving back, he’s steadily been helping rehab, confident that even though it’s slow, that I’ll get back to where I was. Now that’s support!!!”

Mani Sandhu

“What can I say about Ibby I have been training with him for the past two years. I moved from England at 220lbs and now I am 188 and can say I feel incredible. The raw passion that Ibby oozes infects everyone around him to push beyond the mental limits you think are there. I remember the time when I first started training with him and every single muscle in my body ached and I thought ‘Is this natural? I cannot keep doing this.’ But his drive and wisdom persuaded me to keep at it and break those boundaries down. For me training with Ibby was not about enhancing my external look but to train my mind and body to endure the physical demands we face now and prepare for those that I will face. ”

Carlyn Loncaric

“I met Ibby in 2011 when he sought me out in the gym and said he’d better correct my box jump form before I hurt my knees. I had been suffering from chronic knee pain and a more recent shoulder injury. Within 3 months of training my knee issues disappeared, and within 6 months my shoulder and back were stronger than ever. Ibby’s passion and enthusiam are unmatched. I have worked with several trainers but Ibby is the only trainer I’ve ever met who truly trains with each of his clients’ best interests at heart. He cares about your success but more importantly about your health – he is determined to teach his clients how to live better healthier lives. Taking classes at New Edge Fitness is a love hate relationship – it tests your will power, drive, stamina and strength but each class leaves you feeling more powerful than the one before. It is remarkable what your body can do when challenged to push boundaries.”

Courtney Dawn

“When I first met Ibby he told me “whatever is going on in your life it will reflect your workout” I couldn’t agree more. In that moment I knew that meant to channel my energy into my workouts. I was going through a tough time when I started with Ibby and now I feel stronger not only physically but mentally as well. I have so much love for working out and am thankful Ibby to have met someone with the same love and passion.”

Ling Yong

“Robin has been my trainer since October 2013.  My goals were to lose weight and be in a better shape.  She tailored drills and exercises to suit my strength, while constantly paying attention to my old wrist injury. As time went by, she would adjust these exercises according to my improvement.  She also explained the role of my diet which can help or deter my progress. During training, she always pushes me to go further; whether lifting heavier weight or running faster on the treadmill while she is there with an encouraging smile.  The result is satisfying.  I have achieved and maintained my desired weight for over a year and felt stronger.

A side of Robin which touches me most is her commitment and caring.  Thanks for those freezing -8C Sunday 8:30 mornings when she had to be at the gym for my trainings.  When I had an injury a few months ago, and couldn’t get to the gym; she brought my favorite snacks with a hand-drawn get well card to my home. I always appreciate her encouraging words during my downtimes.  She has gone beyond a personal trainer – thank you for being supportive and trustworthy Robin.”

Luisa Narvaez

This is our client Louisa. She started training with New Edge Fitness in 2010 just after her daughter was born. Baby #2 came in 2011 and baby #3 in 2013. Louisa kept training in between and throughout her pregnancies. After her last child was born she worked her ass off to accomplish her goal…she did it! She says she has enough energy to run after her kids but there are still fitness goals she wants to conquer. She comes comes to bootcamps and she works! She is a strong mother of 3 under 8 years old who continues to challenge herself mentally and physically to be a strong role model for her children. You are one fit mama Louisa…keep it up!