Working with a personal trainer is a great way to get started with your fitness goals. From weight loss to weight gain, your trainer will be able to create customized programs based on your mental and physical fitness that accommodate your goals. It will not only make you stronger, it will help you to train your mind to push past any obstacles you encounter.


Support is so important in life. If you find you need someone else to help motivate you throughout your workout, tandem (2ppl) and small group personal training (3-6ppl) is the perfect fit. Your trainer will help design workouts the benefit everyone in the group to get the most of out of each session.


New Edge Fitness specializes in Strength & Conditioning. Having working with a vast variety of professional establishments including NHL, NFL, CFL, and WHL. You can expect an aggressive approach to your development. Locally, team training sessions can be organized in-studio or on-site. International training camps can also be organized upon enquiry.


Strength and conditioning is based upon intense cardiovascular fitness with high explosive drills that take a beating to your muscular gains. It will make you stronger, it will make you faster, it will teach your body the discipline it needs to produce under stressful conditions.


A good leader is one who can tell another how to reach his or her potential. A great leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him or herself.” – Bo Bennett

Your success as a person relies on more than just your physical strength. Our coaches and mentors will help you find yourself and what works on a mental and emotional level as well. We will work together to find the balance you need to perform as an athlete, to perform as a person, to perform in life.


We have one body in our lifetime. It is our responsibility to help it operate the way in which we want it to. Feed your body for health and you will see what you want to see inside and out. Working with our nutritional advisor will help you find the balance you need to realistically maintain a healthy nutrition program that accommodates your lifestyle and daily routine.


When you come to bootcamp, you go to a very dark place. When you leave bootcamp, the sun is shining and you’ve never felt better. Our aggressive approach to cardiorespiratory fitness will leave you feeling great. You work together as a group to build confidence in one another. Through the thick and thin, you’re in it together.


Work hard together, play hard together! Coordinate corporate bootcamps at your on-site at your company gym, outdoors or in-studio. Corporate bootcamps are great for team building and strengthening your professional relationships inside and outside the office.


Jana is an experienced BC Felions caption and can specializes in different styles from Ballet to Hip Hop/ Street Style. Private, semi-private or small group (4-8 participants), we’ll find the right fit for you. Dance is for any age so shake what your mama gave ya!