nef-logoNew Edge Fitness was established in 1999 by Ibby Ali. As a former professional athlete, Ibby designed a company that shows people how hard work, determination and passion can help you achieve success in your life. This company not only shows the working principles of an athlete but the foundation of life’s realistic lessons. Our goal is to create a family that supports one another.

ibby-standingIbby Ali – Owner

ibby'Athletic from a young age of 5 from mixed martial arts to competitive soccer, I had dreams of being a professional soccer player and pursued elite soccer. I had multiple opportunities and invitations to professional soccer establishments throughout Europe and Asia from the age of 15. Traveling back and forth overseas between seasons I continued to live for what athletics has to offer and began coaching and mentoring athletes of all ages in 1999.

Pushing 26 years old, I suffered a broken leg taking me temporarily out of soccer. I committed myself to rehabilitation and continued to fight for my dream. However, I suffered a major knee injury to my other knee at 28 and had to make a difficult decision. As becoming professional athlete came to an end, my drive and determination of being the top fitness trainer never faded. I took my compassion and passion with an aggressive style and started to exclusively train determined individuals to become the athletes I know we have within us.

My concept with training comes from the soul. How would you know what training is if you’ve never failed? The moment you cannot breathe, the moment you cannot step or the moment you feel like the world has come to an end. That is the moment that you find that fire inside you to keep breathing, keep stepping, keep believing and keep pushing. You have to push yourself into a wall. The only way to conquer that wall is to go through it. I feel energy and passion. I will open your mouth, put my hand down your throat and bring it out regardless if you think you have or not. To be a beast, you have to train with a beast. To be a believer, you have to train with someone that believes in you. If you have that fire within your soul to achieve the best of the best, I will fuel your fire and be the person that makes you the best possible athlete, the best possible person.

“To get respect as an athlete, you have to earn the respect of your peers.”

– Ibby Ali