The Passion Behind New Edge Fitness


The passion and determination behind how New Edge Fitness trains!  What sets us apart from the rest is bringing understanding to people on how an athlete trains and what they endure on a daily basis.   We make them understand that conquering their fears and breaking past barriers is possible in humanity.  We also promise that our trainers are passionate and understanding, while, listening to you they also believe in your ability.  This is extremely important in a personal trainer. This belief enables our trainers to push you past that comfort zone and know when to pull back.  They build that confidence in you and in your training.

How would you better yourself as an athlete or human if you didn’t challenge yourself to break those barriers of pushing yourself to failure? I’ve seen the highs and lows in life. From the extreme to the ordinary. My training is very unique. You aren’t buying into another trainer. You aren’t getting someone from the street that does not have a degree or a certificate. You’re getting me, Ibby Ali. You’re getting someone that understands. You are getting a leader, a general. I feel your passion and I see the drive in every individual. If you stand in front of me with ambition and intention, failure is not an option. No matter if you’re an individual or a team, any time you have an intention to go somewhere, to do something, to be somebody I will be with you. My passion is with those that are part of my family. New Edge Fitness is a family.

Words cannot describe the passion that lies within my soul. Stand within my presence and let my passion speak to your soul. For who we are and what we get judged for is our intention in life. How can we be judged if we do not have an intention? How can we succeed if we do not have an intention? How can we be somebody if we do not have an intention? Make an intention to come and see me and let me show you the other side of life.

“Don’t judge me for my methods or my beliefs, judge me for the intentions that I CHOOSE to leave behind in life.” – Ibby Ali

By: Ibby Ali, New Edge Fitness Founder & CEO

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