New Edge Fitness offers high-intensity advanced training to people that are willing to challenge themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. We are a community of athletes from lifestyle to professional. Our goal is to strengthen your mind and body and to give you the tools to conquer any challenges you may encounter. It’s time to step up and make changes in our lives.


NEW Facility & NEW Classes!

New Edge Fitness Inc. private training facility is NOW OPEN! NEW facility means NEW classes.

Are you asking yourself what this bootcamp is about?
Are you asking yourself what is “New Edge Fitness” about?
Are you curious if you can even make it through these bootcamps?

We are excited to welcome you to the “New Edge” Family where we are committed to helping people achieve their optimal level of health and fitness. Our bootcamps are designed to increase the longevity of your life and equip you with the strength to conquer all of your life challenges. Our coaches designed 6 classes throughout the week to accommodate all levels of fitness and they will encourage you to push past your limitations.

Get in touch with us to receive your complimentary class pass by emailing us at info@newedgefitness.ca

We are looking forward to the day you walk through our doors, and in the words of the legend himself “earn your respect not only from us, but yourself” – Ibby Ali

Contact us at (778)833-2208 to book your COMPLIMENTARY 30min Personal Training consultation or email us at info@newedgefitness.ca to receive your complimentary Bootcamp pass. Time to train the New Edge way!

Our Community

Our community is growing.